Examples of RPM

Christopher’s Journey

Here is a short video of Christopher's journey with RPM since 2009, beginning with Sue's first attempts & his very first session with Soma. Note how we have been working on Christopher's skill and tolerance  from written choices to now helping Christopher to start to hold the letterboard himself and move towards more independent communication. There are many more video clips that you can view on you tube of us all working with Chris.

Chris R’s Story

Chris has made tremendous progress with RPM. Beginning with Sue and Alex you will see how he was extremely anxious and aggressive right through to October of this year where  Chris shows how calm he is and most importantly how happy he is to be doing RPM! His mum Maureen has worked hard with Chris at home and incorporating some RPM into his school life and he is now openly communicating and working towards more independent communication too. It has been a joy to see Chris flourish.  For a little more information please see Maureen's testimonial.

First Sessions

Here are a few clips of first sessions with children we have worked with so that you can see how we start off. Note how it is not about testing the child but instilling them with confidence and building success.

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