Hi – I’m Sue – mum to Christopher aged 17 and Catherine aged 20. Chris has autism, is non-verbal, has OCD, aggressive outbursts and seizures - yet is also loving, sociable and has a great sense of humour. He would be regarded by those who do not know him well as being low-functioning and ‘positioned’ at the severe end of the autistic spectrum.

So little is known about RPM in the UK and yet it has such HUGE potential – after seeing how much it has helped Christopher I feel that it is my duty to share what I have learnt and hopefully help other families discover how intelligent their children are and help them to lead meaningful lives. I cannot tell you how passionately I feel about this – and as Chris has also expressed his desire to help others learn about this I am determined to make it a reality > I first heard about Soma in about 2007 – I saw a short video clip. I saw her talking very quickly and incorrectly thought she seemed quite ‘cold’ in her manner. I definitely thought that this was not something I would want to try with my son. I remember though a couple of years later coming across her again on an internet search – I watched again and this time saw the possibilities. I tried some choices work with my son and was astounded by what he could do. Then in 2011 I heard Soma was in the UK and managed to get to see her – I saw how she totally respected the children and talked in an age-appropriate way, teaching age-appropriate academics. I did not understand the reasons behind why she did certain things but I decided to do more educational and age appropriate work using the overall RPM approach, without fully understanding it. Then I started to read more and learn more about the approach so in 2012 when we saw Soma again I had one of those lightbulb moments – I understood it! From that time I and Christopher’s team have been on a continuous learning journey – we scheduled skype consults with Soma and focused on improving our techniques. I was honoured when, in 2013, Soma asked me if I’d write a back cover endorsement for her book Developing Communication for Autism – Using Rapid Prompting Method. This is Christopher’s reaction when our copy arrived

I have been filming and sharing our progress on facebook and youtube and have had people contacting me from all over the world. I am also thrilled that the small team who have worked with Chris also want to be involved in helping others. I’m particularly excited by Alex Hopwood who is now making a career for herself as a full time RPM teacher.

RPM Sue and Chris pic