Hey, I'm Alex!

I am so happy to be part of the Unlocking Voices team - and excited to help RPM grow in the UK.

A bit about me -  I started working with Christopher Finnes in 2008, when I was 16 years old - at the time I had absolutely no idea what autism was or how much it would change my life!  When I joined Christopher's home program it was mainly following the ‘son rise’ approach - I found sessions so challenging, yet so rewarding and fulfilling. Over time, I gained experience with more autistic people - and this confirmed for me that I wanted to specialise in autism - but I wasn't sure exactly how or in what capacity.

In 2011 I saw Christopher use RPM with Soma for the first time and I was completely baffled! Soma taught an age appropriate lesson and carried on teaching despite him fiddling with the blinds on the window, obsessing about the time and swinging in his chair. Very different from anything I had seen previously! A year later I had another opportunity to observe Soma, having taken the time to read the books and understand the method. This time I was able to understand how Soma was using and personalising RPM for each individual. I saw that she was teaching in a way that students could not only learn but also demonstrate their learning. Throughout the day, children and adults across the spectrum who all had various challenges were able to show their intelligence - this was an amazing experience for me - and I realised how many autistic people could be helped with this method.

In April 2014 I undertook HALO's introductory training course and was fortunate enough to be accepted to do an internship at HALO to become a provider in RPM. While at HALO I  worked unsupervised with clients ranging from 6 years old to adults. Soma demonstrated her confidence in me by asking me to run HALO’s Saturday clinics for local Texas clients.  I  completed my internship in December, 2014 and since then I have offered my services in the UK full time.

While studying for my degree I took the opportunity to work with other disabled children – with autism and other disabilities. I spent part of my gap year volunteering on home  programmes for autistic children in USA and helped several other UK families with their programmes. In addition I volunteer for the Newman Holiday Trust – participating in their annual holiday programmes for the disabled. I now feel comfortable and confident dealing with people of all ages and behaviours.

I am also a qualified teacher. Whilst I really enjoyed mainstream teaching, I find RPM so much more fulfilling and rewarding - I really feel that it was what I was meant to do. This is a path I never expected to go down, but I'm so glad I did! I feel truly honoured that I have the opportunity to support students and their families to learn RPM.

My contact details are on business website :-

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