Hi I'm Penny. I have 3 children and my youngest was diagnosed with autism just before he was 3.

Henry is now verbal and was able to transition into mainstream school in 2011 with one-on-one support.

Once Henry had made it to full-time I joined Sue Finnes's team for her wonderful son Christopher and began learning RPM . The method and Christopher's progress and our belief in the process has meant that we have been able to start helping other children and young people achieve their full potential, find their voice and show the world who they really are.

I am using RPM with my son Henry  doing after school sessions related to his motivations and school topics. This has been really successful and I have found that he is able to express himself more fully using this approach and demonstrate his understanding. This has encouraged me to start working with other verbal children using RPM techniques.

My experiences as a mom, programme manager, volunteer and helper have helped me to really appreciate the complexity of autism and I am passionate about helping to change how autistic people are viewed and challenging the common misconceptions about what it means to be autistic and what those with autism are capable of.