Unlocking Voices mission is to empower parents to be able to use RPM with their child. Our aim is to provide ongoing support to you as you develop your RPM skills.

Unlocking Voices Services

The Unlocking Voices team  provides support for parents who are learning RPM :-

Regular Saturday events – New to RPM presentations, lesson planning, skill development

Annual Soma workshops – we will bring Soma to the UK to run a 4 day workshop each year

Facebook parent support groups – we have two groups ‘Unlocking Voices – Using RPM’ , and ‘Unlocking Voices – Proud Moments and Successes’. There are lots of free resources provided in the files of these groups which will help people to get started and to develop RPM skills . These ‘closed’ groups are moderated by Sue who maintains regular contact with Soma for input/updates.

Telephone/Skype consultations – with Sue on any aspect of RPM.

Please email unlockingvoices@outlook.com for further information

Alexandra Hopwood Services

Alexandra Hopwood, one of our directors, is also the most highly qualified RPM teacher in the UK/Europe. She now has her own business and works full time with families learning RPM .

Her services include :-

RPM Sessions
Intensive Camps
Consultations/ Parent Support

Alex’s website is www.rapidpromptingmethod.co.uk