Hi I'm Karen, mum to Louis aged 8 who is growing up too fast!

 When Louis started school I had more time on my hands (between school runs!) so I applied to an advert placed by Sue Finnes about working with her autistic son Christopher, aged 11. I knew nothing really about autism but enjoyed working with children and I was up for the challenge. When I started 4 years ago we worked mainly on play therapy and speech, so I began the journey of RPM with Christopher and Sue right from the very beginning, and what an amazing journey it has been!! Over the past few years Christopher and I have worked on many different subjects together. Having no prior teaching experience, and with just the students study guides, together we have completed the GCSE Physics curriculum and have looked at many areas of History including 2nd World War, famous people in time and the history of musical instruments to name a few. I often choose my subjects related to things in the news or what Christopher is interested in and expand from there, using books and the internet to create my lesson plans. I'm not going to say it's been easy but I have thoroughly embraced my journey using RPM with Christopher and I'm looking forward to the next chapter in my life introducing more people to RPM and giving them a voice too.

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